How Therapy Looks With Me

I work with a fusion of Solution Focused Therapy with a Family Systems touch and a sprinkle of Psychodynamic Theory.  That means, we will work together to identify the problem and immediately begin brainstorming solutions to solve the problem.  On that journey, we may identify family dynamics that contribute to the problem, along with experiences from earlier on in life that have shaped us.  I have a sense of humor and utilize it in all domains of my life, and that means it stays with me as a therapist also.  I also believe that sometimes, we just need a support system to be witness to our pain and struggle while we explore how to overcome it, and I'm happy to be that person for you.  

     If you are working with me to resolve trauma, we will utilize one of a two evidence based practices I am trained in and have utilized with many clients (Prolonged Exposure Therapy, or Cognitive Processing Therapy). 

  I am a paperless practice and therefore will complete all signatures through electronic signing.  

My Ideal ClientWill be Working on:

PTSD or Acute Stress

Anxiety (including stress management) 

Panic Attacks

Life Transitions (exciting ones too)

Adjustment to growing your family

Parenting Stress

Grief and Loss

Post Partum anxiety &/or depression